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Logan's Live Bottom Truck Bed is designed and well recognized for years of excellent performance.  With its 100" wide body and lengths from 20'-30'; construction of carbon steel and complete stainless steel; the Logan Load Pro is capable of meeting all your needs.   The beds are feature rich and have unique advantages such as 3" carry up rollers, heavy side support ribs spaced close together, a number of structural components are fastened to allow for torsion and not weld or component fracturing, upper rear hydraulic doors, turnbuckle ratchet take-ups, and more.   All Logan equipment is sandblasted, primed, and painted with a high gloss polyester paint that is very durable providing years of attractive quality.


LP20 20'

LP22 22'

LP24 24'

LP26 26'

LP28 28'

LP30 30'

Heavy Duty Ratchet Adjust on all four corners for ease of belt tracking and tightening.

35% MORE and larger carrier rollers for improved load carrying capacity.

V-Mount allows flexibility when loaded and prevents bed from shifting on truck frame.

Stainless push rod eliminates cable failures for belt speed control.

304L Stainless Steel Beds available.

*29" Heavy Duty Rock Belt does not slip and maintains tracking

Available with straight sides or fenders.

Solid belt over roller chain

Plastic provided and installed

Hydraulic upper rear door.

PTO, electric, or combination crive

All stainless steel construction or stainless steel angled walls/belly pans

Turkey roost

Electric or manual tarps with bows

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