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The Logan Potato Unloader for hopper bottom trailers is perfect for roundish produce, is portable, provides gentle handling and high volume. We have two styles; one a portable, economical, maneuverable machine sliding underneath the hoppers of the trailer. The large low profile dump area allows for a large volume throughput.  A single drive powers both the flighted elevating belt and a smooth lateral belt with a jackshaft configuration.

The large underunloader features high volume, semi drive over capability, portablility and multiple options. The incline section, main axle and tow hitch is hydraulically adjustable. The ramps are manually rotated up vertically and locked into place for moving. There is a cable winch that raises a rubber collar where the product is being dumped after the truck is in place. The rubber collar must be lowered with the winch before the truck drives away. The conveyor drive is 7.5HP, and the hydraulic power unit is 3HP. The incline section uses troughing rollers with no flights effectively elevating the product with very minimal rollback.  We offer these machines in a 36" and 42" belt widths.  Simple, Smart, Strong.




7.5HP motor and foot mounted gear reducer with chain final drive. Manual motor starter switch box is included.

Large Standard flights are 2" high and spaced at 12".

36" wide x 10' horizontal section with flat belt, 36" wide x 9' incline section with flighted belt.

700 CWT unloading capability in 8 minutes.

5HP Variable Frequency Drive(VFD).  

Pneumatic or solid rubber tires

Removable conveyor sidewalls at intake